About Us


Super Break® was originally developed and created in 1998 as “The Super Box” in an effort to build one of the best boxes of cards in the hobby.

It has evolved over the past 16 years and has provided collectors with great modern & vintage cards and collectibles placed right into the hands of the people we appreciate the most, you the collector!

Each short run of Super Break® boxes yields Original Vintage Hall of Famers, desirable Modern Autographed Rookies and Stars, Celebrities, Historical figures, quality certified Autographed Memorabilia coupon cards, and always a few new surprises.

The Super Break® produces Multi-sport, Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey products at different times during the year. Please visit  SuperPieces regularly for new releases, product updates, photo’s and videos of collectors pulling awesome cards & collectibles and  testimonials from many collectors enjoying our Super Break® products and more.

We appreciate your patronage and enthusiasm for our product and we hope you and your families enjoy our Super Break® as much as others have since 1998.